Years ago a couple of friends and I maintained a small little website called FriendsWithManagers. Born out our mutual love for Pedro the Lion, it became a place where we shared whatever piqued our interest. But life happened. I lost focus. A number of trials happened in my life and I needed to step away. While I stepped away from maintaining a blog, I still continued to find things that interested me.

And I still wanted to share things. In the last 5 years, a ton of tools have emerged to help people collect what they like around the internet. It's great. Yet I still wanted a place where I could bring all of these tools together into one place. I can share a lot of things in different places, nothing fits all my needs. I love sharing and I discover items all the time. Hopefully a few of the items that I've enjoyed, you'll enjoy as well.

If you have a recommendation as well, let me know @hellohynes. I'll be sure to give credit for any recommendation received.