Like many people, I used to manage a blog. Partnered with the amazing Bradley Spitzer and talented Kory Westerhold, we would write about the various topics that interested us. Sometimes it was thoughtful, but mostly it was just a way for the three of us to share things together.

Slowly though all three of us stopped regularly contributing to the blog. In my opinion neglect is the worst way a blog can die, and I am the chief of sinners. That's exactly how died. Slowly forgotten, ignored for months on end. I won't get into all the reasons why I stopped blogging. What matters now is why, given the previous failure, I'm deciding to start this process again.

The big reason is this time I'm doing this for myself. Years ago I was arrogant enough to think if I wrote something, people would want to read it. I couldn't imagine why they wouldn't. It's an arrogant thought I realize, but it's the truth. I can't say my arrogance isn't still something I fight against, but I've learned that I am not the best writer, the smartest person, the most creative person or the most thoughtful thinker out there. There are a lot of really smart people out there. And if I start something with the intention of proving that I'm the best, I'm wasting my time.

This is for me. This is my living record of interesting items at any particular moment in my life. If no one else finds this interesting, that's okay. I used to write because I wanted people to see something in me. Now I write because of the Assurance I find within me already. And because of that, I am reborn.